Dating someone who gets cold sores Lonely wife free cam chat

He will return without offering an apology or explanation. the thrill of power- of conquering and controlling.When his narcisstic supplies run out, rest assured, he will be knocking at your door.A narcissist will leave you only to return back to the relationship; he will hurt you deeply and then come back on bended knee and beg forgiveness; he will spend excessive amounts of time trying to convince you to give him another chance, only to revert back to his old ways as soon as he realizes you have once again committed to him.

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He will either leave, with no remorse or shame for the abuse he has imposed, and seek out a new source of supply or he will immediately swing back into pursuit mode, with the singular goal of winning you back.

A narcissist does not want to be alone and he constantly needs someone to validate him.

The conquest of getting you back is like a drug to him; the narcissist is a junkie when it comes to obtaining his sources of supply.

He needs his fix whether it comes from new narcisstic sources of supply or old sources.

These boomerang cycles and the conquests make him feel alive and give him a thrill.