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C., invites visitors to experience the “unequivocally macabre environment” for a limited time.Depending on when you go, you may encounter a burlesque show with dancers from other planets, trivia nights, alien speed dating, intergalactic dance parties, and immersive adventure games.

Metal hardware now satin black with chrome trim (1940-42).

Wartime model has no chrome, all black metal parts(1942-45).

Lenses in shutters available as an option in the early 1930s. Has dual focus knobs, metal bed, focal plane flash sync and curved top folding wire sports finder.

Metal hardware on shutter plates and drop bed is satin grey. Very first version has a flip up optical sight and after 1939 has the usual bakelite tubular viewfinder.

F2F geht Es werden zwei Teams gebildet, die Mann-Frau-Verteilung möglichst .