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The anonymity afforded by the Internet can lead children to engage in behaviors that they might not do face-to-face.Ironically, it is their very anonymity that allows some individuals to bully at all.Approximately 50 percent of all women who are homeless report that domestic violence was the immediate cause of their homelessness..

[2] The barriers, discrimination, and lack of affordable housing options and resources greatly affect the long-term stability and safety of survivors in Colorado.

CCADV is working collaboratively with statewide partners and programs to make a meaningful difference in addressing housing barriers that survivors of domestic violence face.

Please see more information about two projects that CCADV is involved with: Due to the continuing and rising need for permanent and affordable housing for survivors of domestic violence, CCADV developed the Housing Program to provide training and technical assistance on sheltering, housing and homelessness issues as they relate to domestic violence.

The Housing Program can provide information on state and national housing laws and options necessary to effectively meet survivors’ housing needs and to engage in local housing systems advocacy.

The 2015 National Network to End Domestic Violence Domestic Violence Census found 158 Unmet Requests for Services in One Day, of Which 79% Were for Housing.