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Send the kids to the grandparents for the evening, preferably overnight.

BBQ some dinner or get take-out and just enjoy each other’s company. For the stay at home spouse, find things to do that you genuinely enjoy doing, to occupy your spare time.

Here, some suggest its better he isn't around a lot...... Actually, you would have had better luck back then. A wonderful man is a wonderful man and that's not something I would pass on just because he is a truck driver. or is cross country truck driving really the high paying job, they claim it to be? However, I agree with your first post..chance at a successful relation is about as good as anyone good.

When the profession actually paid very well and had really decent men and women doing the job. Well my father was a long haul truck driver for many years, it was hard on us not having him home sometimes, but my parents are coming up to their 50th wedding aniversary, so it can happen.

Yes of course..a different lady in every city that has a terminal you stop at. The best times I had were when my lady was with me, she would drive, I would drive we made shyt loads of $ and there was no question of infidelity.