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In early 2016, PLDT was charging a minimum monthly subscription fee of US for fixed broadband for up to 1 Mbps, compared to US for up to 2 Mbps the previous year; while Globe charges US for up to 2 Mbps compared to US in 2015.There was no reported incidence of intentional blocking or limiting of cellular services during the reporting period.The Philippines held a general election on May 9, 2016.

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The first was an antitrust law, which penalizes anticompetitive business practices to drive down costs for consumers and is expected to attract new investment in the ICT market; the second created a dedicated government agency for the sector.

One of two pending bills that promoted internet freedom—the Magna Carta for Internet Freedom, was absorbed into the latter, losing many of its strongest provisions.

Daesh militants, also known as Islamic State (or ISIS or ISIL, which are equally interchangeable), has been terrorizing the world for a fair number of years already.

Their battle in the Middle East has spread to other parts of the world with disenfranchised Muslims, gaining sympathy from Muslims of all walks of life, regardless of their educational background or economic status.

Only PLDT was found to exceed its advertised speed, while Globe was found to be slower but still compliant.