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Nicki Minaj cleared up some dating rumours on Tuesday.

The star also talked about her decision to help her fans pay for a higher education, including paying for their student loans, tuition, and their books.

To help kick start Nicki’s college fund, Ellen surprises her by donating $25,000Nicki says she included Ellen’s name in two of her songs, No Frauds and Come On A Cone because she’s obsessed with Ellen.

MONTCLAIR, NJ — Congressional candidate Mikie Sherrill has garnered an enthusiastic thumbs-up from a political action committee that lobbies to "keep special interest money out of politics." On Thursday, End Citizens United (ECU), a political action committee that supports Democrat candidates in key local races, announced an endorsement for Sherrill, who is campaigning to win a seat with the U. House of Representatives for New Jersey's 11th District. "Too many members of Congress are wearing earmuffs made of special interest money," End Citizens United President Tiffany Muller said.

Navy pilot and federal prosecutor, is running against veteran lawmaker and GOP power player Rodney Frelinghuysen in 2018.

Common problems with toilets include backflow issues, clogging, constant running and problems with flushing.