Is polyamory married and dating real

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As Anthony explains, "The problem isn't so much that I'm not the marriage type; marriage isn't my type.

It's not my fault that marriage has such a narrow definition now.

As Tahl explains in the video above, "Jen and I have our rules.

Mike and Kamala have their rules, but now not only are you just bringing two couples together – it's a four-way dynamic.

Unless you’ve been overseas or under a rock, you’ve probably heard of the Showtime series that’s been running this summer about polyamory. For those of you also in this position, I’ve been told that it’s possible to view online, but I don’t know if that’s legal, so I won’t make any recommendations. 😉 For those who just want to check the reactions of the poly community to this sensation, Jessica Karels of Modern Poly has done some really good reviews of the series. Drew, and some interesting commentary about that showed up in the Poly Weekly podcast. Of course, whether polyamory and adultery are the same thing certainly depends on your point of view, and it probably goes without saying (but I’ll say it anyway) that I don’t share that point of view.