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Olivia was stunned to see her son in Port Charles and ordered Dante to return to Bensonhurst.

Dante claimed he was staying to infiltrate the Corinthos organization.

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On the way to a mob meeting, the Corinthos crew was set up amid a blaze of gunfire. Sonny liked what he saw in his new foot soldier and was glad he had invited Dante into the fold.

The Corinthos organization covered up the ambush by attending the Crimson Art Show, which featured the artist Franco.

Dante, Johnny, and Lulu went to the Zacchara Mansion and hoped to find Claudia and Carly there.

Lulu fell into a flooded basement, where Dante attempted to rescue her.

Dante escorted Lulu to the show and discovered a photo of a crime scene that seemed familiar, as well as a graffiti tag reminiscent of his first case in New York.

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