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I’ve been crossdressing and working on improving my look and appearance ever since I was a sixteen year old boy.

Now after two years of weekends dressed in public as Cari, I had developed quite an attractive look and appearance.

Out of curiosity I tried my wife’s panties on one day while she was gone....

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New request adult speed chat

My wife does not know, or, I suspect she might, but prefers to not acknowledge it.

I started dressing about twenty years ago when our two daughters were off to college and we were empty nesters.

I have been dressing up as a sexy girl while daring to go out in public for the past two years since I was sixteen.

I have had this urge and desire to dress as a female for as long as I can remember so I have gradually come to accept that I have a feminine side that needs to be nurtured and encouraged. Read On Added: | Category: Crossdressing | Avg Score: 4.9 | Words: 3,622 | Tags: crossdressing seduction anal oral first time | 4 Comments Toby's little problem.

Aubrey had just finished building up my confidence to the point where I was ready, as ready as I would ever be, to cross the threshold of that door and make my first public appearance as Sarah, the female persona she had helped create for me to trick her side-guy into letting me watch them fuck.