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Herimannus names "filio eius [=Counradus dux Carentani] puero Counrado" when recording that he was deprived of the duchy of Carinthia on his father's death in 1012ADALBERO, son of MARKWARD [III] Markgraf der Krtner Mark & his wife Hadamudis von Ebersberg (-, bur Geisenfeld). "Henricusrex" granted property "in loco Chibach in comitatu Herteshusa" to Kloster Khbach founded by "comes Adalbero" who was also granted the right for life to choose the vogt of the Kloster, by charter dated .

The primary source which confirms his parentage has not yet been identified. "Adelpeyro dux istius marchia Carentanorum" confirmed the property of the monastery of S.

"Marchuuart filius Adalberonis ducis et uxor eius Liutpirc et filii eorum" exchanged property with Gebhard Archbishop of Salzburg by charter dated to [1060/76], witnessed by "Fridarich, Marchuuart, Liuttolt", although if this is correct it is unclear why they appear after "Fridarich" in the list if, as Wegener also speculates, he was the cousin of Markward [IV].

The simpler explanation is that Friedrich was an older son of Markward [IV], who died after [1065].] (-after [1065/72]).

Implicated in the rebellion of Heinrich II "der Znker" Duke of Bavaria against Emperor Otto II, he was put on trial and deprived of the duchy of Carinthia in 978. He was installed as HEINRICH III Duke of Bavaria at Verona in 983, until [early 985].