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You have to be when majority of the year is spent in shorts, swimsuits and the smallest amount of clothing that your garments will allow. Dip cone post-baptismal dunking just seems appropriate.

If you are stopping through for a visit be warned, the Gilbert temple do NOT rent clothes, so please bring your own. They’re ready to get married and start families, they expect to be the breadwinner, and they want the traditional Mormon family — including the matching white-picket-fence-dinner-at-5-garden-variety lifestyle.

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Yet, busy though our lives may be, there’s always time for romance!

Dating in Phoenix is made easier with its wealth of popular date spots – from contemporary cocktail bars to fancy restaurants, there are plenty of great places to head when you meet someone new for the first time.

: Like the valley itself, occupations among AZ YSAs are spread out: 1) Guys: Alongside doctors, lawyers, accountants, dentists and engineers, you’ll find plenty of guys who are bus drivers, bank tellers, various types of businessmen, firefighters, or work at call centers.

And don’t forget the flat-brim-wearing summer sales types who are still trying to figure out what they want to do with their lives, other than make 30 Gs in a summer and spend it all on a Ford Raptor.

If you are looking to discuss the virtues of post-modern architecture or neo-classical painting, move to NYC, DC, or SF. 3) Chandler/Gilbert Wards: Ranges from a little more established and a little older, to fresh out of high school class of 2014. They all know each other and breed with each other.