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With a per game average of 8.4 points and 11.5 rebounds — 8th best in the league — this past season, he propelled the Suns to some impressive wins.His proficient steadying presence also makes him a valued mentor to younger members of the team.NBA up-and-comers like Marquese Chriss and Dragan Bender aren’t the only young athletes who look up to him.

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And by leading his very own UNICEF Kid Power   Mission to Uganda — home to many of the severely malnourished children UNICEF Kid Power helps — the Phoenix Suns Center has become a personal inspiration to kids across the U. That virtual trip is hardly Tyson’s only exposure to the children UNICEF protects. “Traveling to Africa with UNICEF and seeing kids who don’t have access to an education, or who are living on the streets, was a life-changing experience for me,” says  Tyson.

“I’m incredibly honored to help raise awareness of UNICEF’s work that’s truly making a difference for the lives of children.” Since then, the Chandlers have continued making a difference together.

The Chandlers also championed the UNICEF Tap Project’s mission to provide clean, safe water for the children who need it most.“Tyson’s deep commitment to saving and improving the lives of children is evident to those around him,” says Caryl Stern, President and CEO of UNICEF USA.

Chandler is a double-double threat anytime he steps on the floor and one of the team's primary rim protectors.

After returning from Tanzania, Tyson, then a New York Knick, donated the exclusive opportunity to spend a day with him during a Knicks practice as part of the 2012 UNICEF Snowflake Ball live auction.