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On desktop, voice bots will help us book follow-up meetings, send summary notes, and share files mid-meeting through voice commands in Google Hangouts, Slack, and Microsoft Teams.

Requesting an on-demand marketing report will be as simple as asking “How did our demand generation campaigns perform last month? We’ll filter complex data in data analytics tools like Looker quickly and easily, and hold remote daily stand ups all through voice commands.

So in a world of 4G and fibre broadband, why are we still clinging to text interfaces in unsuitable contexts? Text-based messaging between humans is useful because it’s asynchronous – we’re happy for the conversation to carry on later. They represent the return of the command line interface – call and response – so we expect communication in real-time.2016 saw thousands of new chatbots emerge, and while texting with them might have seemed fun, they consistently delivered sub-optimal value.

Typing on small screens with friends is convenient, but text-based interactions with chatbots less so.

Yet it was text, not voice that was to dominate in the years to come.