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A reload of your UI will be necessary I believe.- Action Bars: If you are suffering from texture issues around your action bars, go in your Interface\Buttons folder and delete both UI-Action-Quickslot BLP and PNG files.

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(No account required) Discuss This Update Version 3.9.1 is now available on Curse.

(Wo WInterface package coming soon)This version fixes a variety of issues and bugs that were discovered post-launch but sadly there are quite a few of them that cannot be retroactively updated, so here are some of the changes that will need to be done for people for people updating:- World Map: The world map module has many issues which have been reported but solutions have not been found yet, as such it was decided to disable it by default.

Version 3.9.2 is now available on Curse and Wo WInterface.

This is a short version that improves compatibility with Patch 6.1.

This will clean any chat frame taint coming from LUI, allowing the Share button to work once again, but you will lose the ability to click links and other features given through the chat module.