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The club is massive, far bigger than anything around by far.

Not sure whether this is too adventurous or not as it’s going to take a lot of filling to make it not look dead.

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There is a hell of a lot of work to do to get finished, a couple a months may be optimistic, they’ve been at it nearly a year and are 60% done so chances are it will be a long time off finished.

The sensible thing to do would be to partition some of temporary and concentrate on finishing the main stuff.

Met some great people, and had a really fun night, but this place is 2 months away from being ready unfortunately. Fingers crossed it gets finished as it is massive and it will be lots of fun What would you say still remains to be done to get it to the finished article?

""Had the best night ever in a sex club without actually having sex! As others have said if they partitioned some of it off and concentrated on 4 or 5 playrooms it would be a good start.

Also think they should take all the sofas from the wet area and replace with more appropriate plastic poolside seating, still confused why there was a dining table in the wet area between the jacuzzi and pool haha I asked the chap who fitted the pool and the jacuzzi to turn on the air blower/ spa pump in the tub.