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- Pegasister12 There's this hoe at my middle school.

Each relationship has an estimated 1-2 week duration.- Icantbelieveitsnotbutter Actually a friend of mine dated his Girlfriend for 7 years in school - KDProductions You could get in trouble In my school district, there are rules against PDA, and detention can be issued if caught.

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Hm: This company claims to build and host the app. Protip: coke makes money by selling bottles of flavored, colored water at a markup (just thought I'd let you in on the conspiracy).

So, actually, there are in fact multiple owners who go there and buy a dating site just by typing in a list of tags and selecting colors.

They cause you to be included in gossip Many people at school just want to mind their own business, and don't want others to be all up in their business.