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Though originally in league with the republican party, he eventually allied himself with Mark Antony.Through his own popularity, and in opposition to the will of the senate he succeeded (43 B. In the same year he entered into a pat with Antony and Lepidus by which it was agreed that for five years they would control the affairs of Rome.

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It is the title which he received from the Senate 27 B.

Augustus belonged to the gens Octavia and was the son of Caius Octavius, a praetor.

Lepidus, always treated with neglect, sought to obtain Sicily for himself, but Augustus soon won over his troops, and, on his submission, sent him to Rome where he spent the rest of his life as pontifex maximus .

A new division of the territory of the Republic between Antony and Augustus resulted, by which the former took the East and the latter the West.

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