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Event Description: The ambient temperature in Room 332B (a conference room on the campus of the University of ██████) has matched the ambient temperature at that same time in Dasht-e Lut, Iran for an extended period of time. This phenomenon persists without regard to the ambient temperature in the locality surrounding Room 332B.

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They are our white knights, yet they slaughter all who get in the world's way. Event Description: Various humanoid entities resembling actor Harrison Ford forcefully emerged from the stomachs of 23 cows.

Upon retrieving each instance, each of them said the phrase, "I thought they smelled bad on the outside".

Yet there are some who recognize the sacrifices needing to be made. For every drop of blood, and for every tear, a life is saved.

For every field of damned men, a threat is contained. We thank the prisoners, the victims, the fighters, and the administrators for their bravery. But our saviors openly embrace it, slitting the throats of the refugees just to save us.

Recording devices seized for study, but were revealed to have no anomalous properties when recording funerals, corpses, or other subject matter related to the event. Witnesses interviewed before amnesiac administration described Mr.