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As Bruce Carton also noted in his August 25, 2016 Compliance Week post about Alexander’s return (here), Alexander also reportedly paid for 200 guests to fly from New York and Israel for his son’s Bar its disgraced former CEO Jacob “Kobi” Alexander, who is fighting extradition from Namibia over an alleged options backdating scheme, have agreed to pay 5 million to settle a shareholder class action and related litigation.A very long ten years ago – before the financial crisis, before the Euro crisis, before the Brexit vote — there was the options backdating scandal.

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I thought of Alexander again, just a short time ago.

In one of my recent installments of Frisbee Photos, one reader sent in pictures of a D&O Diary Frisbee taken on Namibia’s Skeleton Coast, an area where numerous shipwrecks have taken place.

The father of three, whose family and friends filled the courtroom, is worth 0 million and lived comfortably on a golf course in Namibia, according to prosecutors.

Sigh…) Plain and simple, we’re tired of paying 0 for cable/internet/phone every month.

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