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I realized the man had slowly began to move his groin up and down against my wife’s ass. He suddenly looked around to see if anyone was watching him, and I swung my head away in time. Hardly any people got down , but more people got in and it became very chaotic inside. In the melee I could see another guy, standing next this ugly chap, move next to my wife.

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“sorry madam, bus stop main aur log andar aaye, unhone dhaka diya mujhe” he replied apologetically “ thodi der ki baat hai, please adjust kar lijiye” On hearing the apologetic tone of this man, my wife calmed down. My wife pulled up her pallu, and held the handle above with both her hands as the seat handle was out of reach now. But she didn’t realise it, or atleast didn’t notice anything unusual. The back of Archana’s blouse was also pretty low cut, exposing a lot of her skin.

The way the guy in front had been looking at this ugly man behind my wife, I realized that they were friends or atleast known to each other. She was in middle of packed bus and I was also closeby so she must have felt safe. And as both her hands were holding the handle above, it exposed her armpits through her sleeveless blouse. The man in front now gently and slowly started to press backwards. The man behind must have got terribly aroused as he suddenly put his hands on Archana’s ass.

I could see his groin was pressing against my wife’s back.

Noone else could notice it in the crowded bus, unless one specifically wanted to , like me.

But that didn’t stop this man from doing what he wanted to.