Dating a military woman dating for farmers

Depending on what you want for yourself in life, it could be the best or the worst decision you make.

Know what you are getting yourself into.” Sarah Allen, 20 Active Duty Airwoman: Combat Videographer in the U. Air Force Sarah, wearing her dress blues in a ceremonial shot, contributed by Sarah Allen Sarah Allen initially had no plans to join the military.

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Well, it turns out that’s what you should be thinking, at least some of the time!

Her Campus chatted with Amina Moghul and Sarah Allen, two young women in their early twenties, about life as they know it.

She received a $20,000 cash bonus when she enlisted and paid off all her undergraduate loans.

In terms of her career, she will be able to train at some of the best hospitals in the world.

She explained that she trains for both combat and videography, though the focus is on combat.