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But, this isn’t , sex worker Anna Greenwald (Louisa Krause), who has the powerful political strategist Mark Novak (Michael Cram) for a client.

As a purveyor of the “girlfriend experience,” Anna is, in this specific instance of the practice, in charge of fulfilling Mark’s sexual needs, as well as his emotional ones.

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The reality of being entangled with this kind of man arrives when our president — himself a real-life political powerhouse — is an accused sexual predator, and Hollywood is currently purging itself of an endless stream of sexual is well aware of how the headlines might color how viewers experience the series.

“Power dynamics and control are major themes this season, and I’m really interested in seeing how the audiences react to both storylines — and what connections they draw,” Anna’s portrayer Louisa Krause told Refinery29 after chatting on the phone and over email.

The “both storylines” Louisa is talking about refers to the fact ’s sophomore season is made up of two fully separate stories: “Erica & Anna” and “Bria,” which follows the titular woman (Carmen Ejogo) who is fleeing her rich, dangerous husband in favor of the witness protection program.

A wife leaving a monster of a powerful man doesn’t feel so far from reality after Georgina Chapman ended her marriage with disgraced Hollywood predator Harvey Weinstein. “It leaves you asking questions rather than being provided with the answers,” the Irish-English actress, who was reportedly entangled in the sexual harassment scandal of Amazon executive Roy Price, told Refinery29. Why have we been putting up with this for such a long time?

Petting (love play) very often continues until the partner who's on the receiving end actually climaxes.