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These walk you through solutions for issues you may have with your device. lol If we upgrade now, she must pay full price for another phone through Verizon or so I was told today in a chat with a sales associate. I received a hand me down i Phone4 from a medical company how can I check to see if the phone has been 'cleared' so that I can use it with my own account?

I recently lost my iphone 4, and my Sister said I could have her Sprint phone. Not sure what the term is to make sure it's not still registered to their account.

Records policies do not mention videos specifically, but generally say release of a police record is at the discretion of records management as long as certain information is redacted, including identifying information of juvenile victims and witnesses.

Recordings that are criminal intelligence, records of a criminal investigation, evidence, or associated with a personnel investigation may not be viewed.

The only one that works is the HTC software update.