dating meet partner perfect review - Dating a bum

Adore Mary Lane more than his long time beloved, Mary Jane? Five for five of the last guys I’ve dated couldn’t afford to take me out to dinner.

I recently realized that I, like so many women, keep dating the same type of guy. Two out of those three got hideous forearm tattoos not long after said break ups.

If I make (out with) the mistake over and over and expect different results- they say that’s the definition of insanity.

The vast majority of men I have slept with claimed to be insomniacs (I go for guys who like to complain)…then had no problem sleeping til noon (I go for guys who waste their lives). The last two guys I dated were both into the ludicrous “entertainment” that is pro wrestling. I have a demonstrated pattern of falling for guys with clear signs of substance abuse.

This is the dawning of…okay I don’t know exactly what to call this new era…yet. The first man I’m dating as part of this new phase doesn’t have an unlimited Metrocard. In fact I’m not sure he thinks I’m amazing at all…yet.

If you want to maintain a healthy, happy relationship that lasts, stop being the lazy bum.