Updating netscape bookmarks

Ad Sense ad auction formats include In some cases I have seen ads which got a 2 or 3% click through rate (CTR), while sites that are optimized for maximum CTR (through aggressive ad integration) can obtain as high as a 50 or 60% CTR depending on It is also worth pointing out that if you are too aggressive in monetizing your site before it has built up adequate authority your site may never gain enough authority to become highly profitable.Depending on your vertical your most efficient monetization model may be any of the following Google's advertisement and link auction network.

Due to poor processing of 302 redirects some search engines have allowed competing businesses to hijack the listings of competitors.

See also: Some content management systems send 404 status codes when documents do exist.

Ad Sense offers a highly scalable automated ad revenue stream which will help some publishers establish a baseline for the value of their ad inventory.

In many cases Ad Sense will be underpriced, but that is the trade off for automating ad sales.

Some people also define above the fold as an ad location at the very top of the screen, but due to banner blindness typical ad locations do not perform as well as ads that are well integrated into content.

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