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Never done anything like it before but I’ll be sure to get along to another night..Click to read the full review ~ CBD Midweek Speed Dating ~ What an experience!

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People love to hide behind old/edited photos and play mindless games that will ultimately drive you nuts and bring your spirit of dating down. Our aim is to get people off that smartphone and away from the computer to enjoy human interaction once again instead of having their whole lives judged by a single photo online. Our most popular CBD Midweek Speed Dating happens every Wednesday in the CBD, Our fun bar hopping Double Trouble Speed Dating event happens on a Friday in the CBD, our Singles Trivia Night with unlimited drinks all night is definitely a winner and our massive Singles Parties really just speaks for itself!

Our events cater for people of all ages who want to find new single friends, romance or just want to have an amazing night out with others who are also single.

If you are warm & friendly, your Mr / Ms Next would be just around the corner.

Sharing this because i hope to see more people enjoy the seeking before reaching the shore.

We tell all our friends about how we met and I wish other Blink guests as much luck as we had!

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