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These companies should be regulated to prevent price gauging... Marta Logan Increased price per gallon to over $5.00 Phoenix Arizona Vyve Broadband internet They are supposed to provide working internet but it only works from 12am-12pm.

They have had service technicians out here more than once and nothing gets fixed yet I pay my bill on-time every month Lawton Oklahoma DUCT DEPOT NJ Duct Depot of NJ...called me to offer promotional price of $39.99 to clean ducts and dryer.

As the world’s largest ‘brick and mortar’ introduction service, Together continues to position itself as an industry leader with a recognizable name that customers can trust.

That quality assurance has been, and will remain, the key to our success and what sets it apart from other personal introduction services,” said Brad Megahan, President of Together Dating Service.

The key to Together Dating and The Right One's success is its mix of both computer-aided personality profiling and old-fashioned matchmaking - a combination that has resulted in high levels of customer satisfaction.