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Now 43 and happily married to her second husband, Charles Nicolai, a successful chiropractor with a practice on Wall Street, the former Elite Model Management pinup claims she is often dismissed as a parasite cashing in on her looks.

But with two business degrees and a seven-figure investment portfolio of her own, Adams wants to “reclaim” the label “trophy wife” and re-define it more positively: She’s written 25 New Age self-help books, has an online organic-beauty-products company and runs the financial side of her husband’s chiropractic firm.

“My husband was on his cell with a client, but saw what happened and hung up.

He was so angry, he said to her: ‘Why did you throw that at my wife?

But this isn't happy hour, and I ain't looking for a good time I'm seeking truth. Truth ungarnished number one: Eating the stuff from Papa John's first because it's there is a very good and a very bad idea both.