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interviewed 18 former candidates — those on were candidates, not contestants, because it was a classy reality TV experience, thxvm — for insight into their would-be boss (and, in one case, actual boss) as he remains the GOP front-runner, with a campaign largely based on his business expertise and no-holds-barred brash talk.

Below, their thoughts: Donald Trump is a lot taller and more statuesque than you'd expect. It's probably the sense of confidence and power — some women won't like that I said that, but I don't care.

[He said] that he would be willing to offer me a job, he was very impressed with me, but the producers wouldn't allow him to technically do that until the day after the finale.

"The next day [after the finale]," he said, "I'd like for you to come to my office and meet with me." So that's what I did.

And the moment that you underestimate Donald Trump, you lose.