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Switch to the slide where you want to insert the chart, or insert a new slide, and place the chart as usual: Click once to accept the default size or click, hold and drag to change the chart’s initial size.For a detailed description on how to place, resize and align a new chart, please refer to Inserting a new chart.Simply click the menu in Excel’s think-cell toolbar and click on the chart in Power Point that you wish to link to.

Any additional text from the Excel data source will be truncated.

See Text fields button in the think-cell context menu of the data range.

If you have a large number of charts in your presentation, finding and updating all linked charts manually is not practical.

For a better overview and a more directed approach to update your charts, go to the checkbox to let think-cell automatically update the chart whenever changes in the linked data are detected.

When selecting the linked chart, it is flagged to indicate that an update of its linked data has been detected: Click the button.