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( attached cock or face picture) Sorry I'm no swing Cupid / fortune teller. Everyone is welcome and as stated above it's a personal thing. It mainly evens out to 2 to 1 which our cougars love as many are greedy girls ( that includes the male half of couples). During these nights I am your host and there to look after you and ensure you have the best safest fun possible. IF I want to play there are opportunities after the event or away from the club. Also not to mention she was looking amazing in that naughty elves no. Vibes were swinging and even caught up with a few friends/dance partners, her events are so down to earth with respectable people who attend. If you judge people by pictures and their profiles in this scene you'll be mostly disappointed. If you come with no ecoevtztiobs of play you'll be pleasantly surprised . Now if you haven’t been or thinking about going be sure to get your name down for the next one and become part of the Dv8 family!!!

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Have a great Christmas and look forward to seeing you in the New Year.

It's all about fun and social connections after all. Well done for all your Hard work to ensure we all have a Fun Evening.

It also means we actually know who you are as well when you arrive. They may use a similar name and claim just a change of hosts but it's a completely different night with a different ethos. more importantly all can be as open minded and naughty as the next if you connect with them! Any events running under these names will be sued under passing off / fringement UK laws.

At C#c we say leave you egos at the door or it will be fed to the ducks .... Highlighting our ethos that social connections = best fun times. You will be registered when you arrive and verified accordingly. No I used to run my night there and pulled it over a year ago. All of them at some point have been told they are amazing , gorgeous and give the best BJ ever!! These names are now legal registered trademarks ( check IPO) and any one using any combination within any sectors will have legal action taken against them .

What this means is that everything from the food, drinks, towels, beds, decor, music, condoms and entertainment is provided by myself and requires pre event and after event set up and break up and organising. Owning any web domain or limited company is not legal binding ownership . Apologies if you have been contacted or trolled by other accounts and mis informed. Giving you the best nights I can with the most fun people . It seems half my favourite cougars and cubs are born this month . I love coming to Cougarsand Cubs and last week was the perfect way to start the Festive Frolics!