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My husband and I mutually decided that we didn’t want to know the sex before the birth.

My mother-in-law was livid with our decision, even though I tried to placate her by using the obstetrician she suggested and allowing her to attend some of my prenatal appointments.

But in the absence of that, after the baby is born and you feel ready, allow her some short visits to see if she seems capable of reform.

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We will not inform anyone of the birth until after we're home, and for the time being, she won't be welcome to visit. But how utterly unnerving to have found her lurking at your doctor appointment.

After the technician violated your privacy, you were right to have found another practitioner.

That caused my teeth to collide, and chipped my front tooth.

I was devastated, as I have always admired my teeth. It didn't help that my boyfriend felt that it was my fault for being a "spaz.” Then my overly critical mother lambasted me instead of being supportive. Should I be upset with my boyfriend for making me feel that I was being dramatic and useless?

It should also be comforting that this obstetrician understands your mother-in-law needs to be treated as a security risk.