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I love that this is so personalize-able where it is unique for every person and occasion. It meant so much to him that I had created something so personal just for him that he can keep forever and always look back to. he ended up hitting me up saying thank you and now we’ve slowly been talking again. Thank you :) I purchased this book for my husband's 50th birthday.

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The waiter brought me a dessert menu and gave her the book.

In the meantime the other waiter waited with the ring that was wrapped as a gift in the wings waiting for an OK.

All he knows that it's a book that I "wrote" and he said he knows he'll love it. Thank you again for such an amazing way to tell him all the ways I love him! It was a kind of renewal of our commitment to each other. Said it was the BEST gift he ever received and because it was different made it all the more special!

I'm thrilled at how wonderful it turned out and how special it made him feel.

Crystal Bought this as an anniversary gift for my boyfriend and he absolutely loved it!