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We sat at Gerard's bar and I ordered two shots of vodka to take the edge off.I waited for Gerard to make my Appletini before I rushed off to the ladies room for the third time in twenty minutes.Karen, Lauren and I giggled about what's his name for the rest of the night. We flirted big time with Gerard and Tony my absolute favorite bartenders and stumbled to Red Lion to party some more. Hopefully I can get some dick soon cause it's been four days, and that's five days too many.

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"Honey, slow down, take a deep breath and talk to me. Patricia stepped back so she could look her father in the eyes, "Tandie is cheating on you Dad.

" "Uh, Mark let me call you back." Charles Gordon placed the phone on its receiver and walked around his desk to hug his daughter who had just stormed into his office. She hadn't meant to eavesdrop but when she picked up the phone, she couldn't believe her ears.

I can't stop laughing every time I see them together. I met this really hot thirty-three year old guy at the club tonight. He's got these slate gray eyes and a muscular build that looks like it could be put to good use.

If he wasn't such a dog, I would try to hook him up with one of my friends. He told me that he's Special Forces for the Army, whatever the hell that is.

Of course, who did I run into on the way back to the table?