When is it ok to kiss when dating

However, if you've had a few drinks and just can't seem to keep your hands off each other, then you may have made a mistake.

Other than the fact that he could be a horrible kisser, you probably don't know enough about him to kiss him as of yet. These days, you have to be careful about all parts of your body — including your mouth.

Now, can you go in for a kiss at a moment like that? But if you want advice, it might be wise to reserve fully acting on and voicing your feelings until after date number two.

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If he respects you, he will acknowledge that it is your first date and not choose to take it any further than a kiss.

However, if he's offering to take you to the nearest hotel, he's a loser.

Use it to your advantage and have them panting for you as they wait for the next date.

The cons: Keep in mind that any kind of physical interaction can lead to something more than just a kiss.

People have so many dating rules, it's hard to keep track.