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Intersex Awareness Day, celebrated on October 26, grew out of the first public intersex demonstration in Boston in 1996, where the American Academy of Pediatrics was holding its annual conference.Their demand was that the AAP stop treating intersexuality as a birth defect that can be corrected, outgrown, and forgotten.

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But we are not our genitals, any of us, whether our bodies are ‘right’ or not.

Let parents bond with their baby, and don’t create this panic around the idea that your child isn’t right.”This focus on medical care, and building a holistic support network of family and knowledgeable medical professionals, grew out of a movement that has not hesitated to take to the streets.

But now, perhaps for the first time ever, an intersex person is making the evening news, and intersex activists think this just might be a defining moment for their movement. “Intersex bodies should not be treated as though they are a sickness that needs to be cured, nor should [Semenya] face social stigmatization for the narrow-mindedness of some,” read one typical blog post.

Op-eds across the globe have condemned the public debate as snarky.

“It’s not something I ever lose any sleep about.” And her dating life is not nearly as difficult as you might imagine, since Caitlin is both outspoken and proud about her identity.