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There are no people helping the technology to actually find you the kind of person that is right for you. There are a lot of them, but all they’re really better than is nothing.” When you sign up for Dating Found, you are asked to define a number of features and facts about yourself.

You then go through the same exercise for people with whom you would like to be matched.

The plan was that people would sign up for the service and then through a mobile application, whenever they were in need of some love-coaching, they’d browse through the selection of available coaches and whip up a live consulting session.

There may be some merit to investigating this kind of model for the online dating tool that is both tech-smart and human-intelligent.

More importantly though, do you remember Pandora was so awesome when it first launched in 2000 and what continues to give it an edge? Specifically, people behind The Music Genome Project.

Pandora obviously uses intelligent technology to dynamically build themed playlists that are not only in tune with what music “is like other music” but also each listener’s detailed preferences within genres.

Then I saw this screen in Dating Found after clicking the “Don’t Like” button next to one of my matches: And then I saw a contact number in the top right corner of the interface. Karan told me that when you call them or when you submit data on your reasons for rejection, they’ll make sure all the information you provide is stored and actionable within your profile.