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Right up until my mum passed away suddenly in 2003 , she always called me her little ray of sunshine, everytime I hear it , I smile and shed a tear for my mum, its a tear of happiness as to me that song shows that she loved me very muchi would have to say the Angels "Am i ever gonna see your face again" The min I hear that song it takes me back to my childhood ..teenage years where we new how to have fun ,and everyone new the words to this song ,go to a night out in bar doing karaoke and someone dos this song its almost like the Australian anthem everyone starts singing along its amazing ..Down under would have to be the best Australian rock song it reminds me of Australia and I love the classic line he just smiled and gave me a Vegemite sandwich that is classic Aussie.

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It reminds me of Australian hot summer nights, teenage angst and high school crushes.

Going through the roller coaster of that first love and the passion and heartbreak that goes with it.


It was one of my father's old favourites I grew up listening to it through out my childhood and still do to this very day.

It was an anthem for all of us trying to find our way. Because I saw the Steve Irwin memorial on DVD and john Williamson played it while one of the Australian zoo workers were loading up steve Irwin ute for the last time, it was a beautiful tribute and it was a good way to farewell Steve Irwin The Screaming Jets, Better.