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Though surprised by the sight of another Titan, Windblade and the other Autobots refused to abandon Metroplex's body; presently, Megatron returned Metroplex's severed thumb, laden with the transmutative Ore-7, to him, healing him allowing him to defeat the Necrotitan.

Following the battle, Windblade asked Metroplex about the ore's origins, and he explained that he had picked it up during his travels and jettisoned it when he was attacked by Ammonites.

Then, Chromia and Sky-Byte invaded the compound to free Windblade and the others, and Windblade confided in her friend that she had discovered that Starscream was not the culprit they were after, to Chromia's shock.

Starscream and his goons were swiftly upon them, and the battle recommenced.

Long cut off from Cybertron, Caminus' isolation ended with the arrival of Thunderclash; Windblade, her bodyguard Chromia, and quantum engineer Nautica joined his crew in hopes of reconnecting with their homeworld and gaining aid for their ailing planet.