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The video shows Wubbels screaming for him to stop as he forced her out the door toward a police car.

The Salt Lake County District Attorney’s Office and Unified Police have launched an independent criminal investigation into Alex Wubbel's arrest that went viral.

At a news conference Tuesday, Wubbles said she’s glad to put the incident behind her. I didn’t seek out the last 4 months.” The footage and the aftermath In the police body cam footage of the July 26 incident, Detective Jeff Payne handcuffed Wubbels and placed her in a police car when she refused to allow officers to obtain a blood sample from a crash victim at the hospital without a warrant.

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"When a patient comes in in a critical state that blood is extremely important.

I don’t take it lightly.” In the video, Payne’s partner could also be heard trying to calm his partner down during the arrest.

One of them was on the phone with her and could be heard telling Payne, “Sir, you are making a huge mistake right now.” Payne wouldn't take no for an answer, and that is when the arrest was made.

“I just feel betrayed, I feel angry and I feel a lot of things,” said Wubbels during the press conference. "Blood is your blood - that is your property," she added.

Another officer is heard saying, “I don’t think this arrest is going to stick.” Payne could also be heard after the arrest saying, “I wonder how this is going to affect my Gold Cross job.” Payne is said to also work as an EMT with Gold Cross Ambulance. "I’ll bring them all the transients and bring good patients elsewhere.” “I think there was definitely some alarm,” said Sgt.