Free exhibitions cam backdating issue

Artists brought a single work of art to be installed in the museum, delivering the work within a single 24‐hour period from September 30 to October 1.

During this timeframe, four curators from North Carolina institutions were present to greet each artist and talk about their work.

The museum director and the artist have issued apologies, and the wall represents a further concession to protesters, some of whom called for a boycott of the museum; for the removal of the works in question; and for the resignation of the chief curator, Jeffrey Uslip, who organized the show.

, the controversial artist’s talk regarding the exhibition, and the concerns regarding racial insensitivity both the show and the talk have generated.

The over 100 works included in the exhibition range from 1887 to 2016 with pioneers of the medium including Ansel Adams, Diane Arbus, Lewis Hine, Robert Maplethorpe, Edward Muybridge, Andres Serrano, Mickalene Thomas, Lorna Simpson and Alfred Stieglitz.