Sex chat robot with pics

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While she looks more human-like than that creepy Scar Jo robot, you'll probably still find yourself plunging head first into the uncanny valley while looking at her.

Jia Jia can talk and interact with real humans, as well as make some facial expressions -- she can even tell you off if she senses you're taking an unflattering picture of her.

When he does, he can thank Matt Mc Mullen of Abyss Creations.

Over the past 20 years, Mc Mullen has built Real Dolls -- think super-sexualized silicone playthings so lifelike that customers pay up to $10,000 for them -- into the gold standard of the erotic doll industry. Now Mc Mullen, 47, is working to bring his dolls to life using artificial intelligence to give them the ability to listen, remember and talk like a real person.

Bryant Paul, a researcher at the Kinsey Institute of Indiana University, worries that people will have a hard time measuring up against their digital competition. "Danielle Knafo, a professor of clinical psychology at Long Island University, knows that's a real possibility.