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Later, students can search for any word or phrase presented in class.With Tegrity, Columbia classes and lectures are available 24/7.

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Website Image Source Athabasca University is a world leader in distance education.

In fact, at Athabasca all teaching, learning, and administrative functions are executed in virtual space, or “Open Knowledge Environment.” In order to move toward their goal of becoming a fully online, virtual organization, Athabasca created systems for desktop virtualization, synchronous web conferencing, research collaboration, a tutor portal, course content management, online assessments, student program planning, and more.

As part of our quest to find schools that will offer students the greatest educational value, we were naturally curious to know which are the techiest of these high-tech schools.

To find them, we consulted university websites, reviewed national surveys from college students about their schools, searched various databases on subjects like computer science, biometrics and social media, and looked over winners of prestigious national awards such as the Innovators Awards.

As California’s premier library south of Los Angeles, the library serves as a major intellectual resource for both students and the region’s biotech and corporate communities.