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The retirement of Delta's 747 fleet marks the end of the jumbo's nearly five decades of service with US airlines. Although the 747 will still grace the skies above the US with foreign carriers like Lufthansa and Korean Air or with cargo carriers like UPS and Atlas, the idea that US passenger airlines will no longer operate what is arguably America's most iconic and successful airplane is sad. The reality is that the four-engined jumbo is big, expensive, and thirsty.

Especially when compared to twin jets like Boeing 777 and the Airbus A350.

“Typically the real fight in these cases is between the depository bank (where the payee deposited the check) and the drawee bank (the bank of the customer who wrote the check),” said Hurtig.

Unless a consumer is somehow negligent – gives checks to someone, or doesn’t check their statements within 60 days of receiving them, for example – they are usually off the hook and it’s the banks that are left to fight over who is stuck with the bad check.

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