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If I am like this, then I have a certain kind of faith that I will meet someone right for me.And if I don’t then there’s no other path that I would’ve wanted to take anyway. Although I think people should learn to be happy being alone, it’s not something that’s generally suited for human nature. There are some things about life that women are more intuitive in than men and I’ve learned quite a bit from this.window.sbbop Loaded){ var sbbop_modal = create Modal(modal); if (sbbop_modal !

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These ideas are made to fit my own life and might not fit with yours.

My main goal isn’t actually to get a girl, but to be the happiest and live the most effortless life possible.

I could tell you until tomorrow to not get overexcited about a girl, but until you get overexcited and burned, it will be irrelevant. Human relations and life are more of an art, not a science. We think life and dating are like software that needs debugging or some technical problem that we need to use more of our brains to solve. Girls are way ahead of the curve here and are much more intuitive.

The whole life-hacking movement is really popular with Silicon Valley-type technical-minded men because it’s the way we think.

I’m not even sure these tips will help you attract a girl.