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I will forever cherish the presence of the whole fandom in my life.

I do hope I have also given you enough joy for you to give me the freedom I believe I deserve.

At nagpapasalamat ako dahil ginagawa niyo yan ng kusa, dahil mayroon kayong busilak na kalooban.

of you tend to misapprehend and invalidate them in so many ways.

After the success of her first lead role on television via "The Greatest Love", Sylvia Sanchez returns to the small screen with yet another compelling performance in "Hanggang Saan".

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    This activity contributes to a significant future focus on the trust that can be placed in elements of a distributed global research infrastructure, and the increased automation of its verification. The WDS Knowledge Network defines many of the components of research activity for which there is some form of trusted service or infrastructure component required: ranging from the obvious need to reliably refer to research outputs, researchers, institutions, artefacts, projects, and the like, though the more complex aspects of trusted repositories, registries, vocabulary, and ontology services, to the assigning of levels of maturity, sustainability, or quality to these.

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    There are specific actions that can actually cause a bully to break civil or criminal laws. If you aren't careful, criminals could steal your identity by finding any of the following: Creating a strong password is an easy step that goes a long way.

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    When it comes to maintaining adult friendships, good intentions don’t work.