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Ncube said: 'We were just playing around Your Worship. Mpofu denied taking part but admitted bringing the condoms saying: 'We keep them around the house and I just brought them'.

Mlauzi said she wanted to 'fix' the pastor who she claimed had a habit of walking in on the women when they were bathing.

Women of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA) members will march in solidarity with Zimbabweans who have suffered a 37 year rule of Robert Mugabe who has cared less for the citizens and failed to implement liberation war ideals including free basic education as promised.

WOZA members have nonviolently marched to demand an array of social economic reforms and have been brutalized, persecuted by prosecution but finally their cries have been heard and the nations is acting.

Police are still trying to find the three women who are allegedly part of a 'sperm bandit' gang preying on hitchhikers and travellers and steal and sell their semen for 'good luck'.