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kno the former talk show host iss setting the record straight. good i'm steve alongside erin and maureen and holly are off today. meeng normally we talk about weather at the top of the hour. it's been all about the trafficc that's because today is the so-called terrible traffice trac tuesday and so far it has morear than lived up to its name. schools are back in session sesn across the region includingludi fairfax county. we're on glebe road in alexandria, and it's kind of hih or miss this's also back to work after tht holiday weekend and back to work for congress but some earlier er metro issues on the blue linehel and the orange line brought thet morning rush to a crawl bob has been out this thi morning on road patrol criss-crossing the area tracking trouble spots. morning we stayed off the inter states s where it has been bad, but whenn you come up to a school or a bus stop, it slows down, kids arere getting on their buses.

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we might be thinking about falll but definitely still going tongo feel like summer out there thiss weekend for details on that on let's check in with our master e of ceremonies in regards to weather, tuck kearse barnes. notad the winds out of the north here the leftovers are hermine at a least the everybodies for us ara the winds out of the north whico is good news.s otherwise it's sunny and brighti and beautiful out there. lots of sun glare early this thi and it will be sunny and brighth afternoon. if you're kids have sports after school, or if you're workinge w outdoors that kind of thing makk sure you have a lot of water oar later. 90s are back and here to i'll have the seven day coming n up. not expecting any relief in thee of thunderstorm we'll it dry, guys.ry, g back to to big story we've been story e following throughout the morning today, security guard shot neara a prince george's countyount university and then just few few hours later police tracked downc one of thee suspects and arresd him. we were there cameras rollingreg the entire time.e information now about the motivv and about the victim in this

you'll need it with daytimeayti highs in the low 9999s 90's are back.k. university of maryland police pl telling us that the suspects came to the conference centerte the inn and couldn't friend center with the intention of stealing three they came out of the bthuildingg with three sort of portableorta safes they said one of them was discarded in this loading dockok parking lot area here along witt a handgun, and then over here across the street, this is where two other safes and that onee suspect was found and then justj a short time ago, right along ag the fence line, police told usou and they showed us i justust tweeted out picture of eight ofh loaded magazine.

they are right -- there right along the fence line.

you can see policealong th offes still continuing to do theiro tr search and we understand they're going to be doing a grid searche in this area for more evidence i this let's take to you theis video tt we

we witnessed as they broughtht that one suspect out of hiding..