Dating game ideas for married couples

One can also define “above average” as one standard deviation beyond the midpoint of the normal distribution curve (top 16%). For example, couples can split a ,500 a month two bedroom apartment instead of each pay a full ,000 a month for a one bedroom. * Seeks to understand the other side of a story during conflicts and always comes to a compromise.

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But for goodness sake, let the American people decide whether one spouse should stay at home or not.

Don’t punish us with higher income taxes if we don’t!

The government taxation method incorporates their latest desire to raise federal income taxes on individuals making over $418,400 a year and married couples making over $470,700 a year for 2017.

The government is sexist and believes one spouse should drop his/her $418,400 income and be a stay at home spouse or make no more than $52,300 a year ($470,700 – $418,400) as soon as the couple settles down.

A combined income of $470,700 provides only a 12.5% greater threshold than $418,400 for an individual.