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Many of the men charged with sexual-predator crimes see little jail time.

But when Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd was asked about overly aggressive detectives, he went on the offensive."The concern (I have) is that you inflate your investigative reporting to make it glitzy," he said.

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Judd maintains that the records are exempt from state open-records laws because all of the men are still under investigation because they may surface in future stings.

However, that response indicates that Judd and other law-enforcement leaders who have used the same exemption to withhold requested records have investigations open on hundreds, maybe thousands, of men who legally communicated with adults on legal websites.

Defense attorney The federal Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force program has received more than $200 million from Congress since 2003 to battle cyber enticement and child pornography across the USA.

That includes a onetime budget boost of $75 million in 2009.

The story from the woman, really an undercover agent, changed a few times, including a claim that she was only 13, but he said he was skeptical.